Monday, November 14, 2011

The Home Front

Title: The Home Front
Studio: WB
Date: 11/XX/43
Credits: - (but Frank Tashlin)
Series: Pvt. SNAFU
Running time (of viewed version): 4:28
Commercial DVD Availability: SNAFU Golden (and bonus HD), LTGCv4d2

Synopsis: Soldiers hate civilians, and have no natural empathy for them.

Comments: Blueprint style title. "Freeze the nuts off a jeep." Cheesecake wall. Soldiers resenting the folks at home. Grampa's at the burlesque house (which has noseless dancers). One sign has Durtis Kerkins & Penee Rabatello in "Lovers". Very airbrushed Sally Lou. A television (called a televisor) appears. Horse throwing its own crap from a cornucopia.

Mike Kazaleh's commentary mentions Art Davis is involved. And Cal Dalton. Izzy Ellis.

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