Friday, November 18, 2011

114 Home Defense

1943 Number: 114
Title: Home Defense
Studio: Disney
Date: 11/26/43
Series: Donald Duck
Running time (of viewed version): 7:47
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL/Dv2

Synopsis: Someone foolishly put Donald in an unsupervised war related job; he foreseeably screws it up.

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Comments: Nice title card, but the black letters under white outlines seem strange. Donald is no longer in the army, but is on the home front. Are Huey, Dewey and Louie's hats some sort of 19th century or earlier European gear? Panoply of period guns in the makeshift anti aircraft. Should civilians have been making decisions on whether to shoot at aircraft at home? I wonder why they don't show the swords being broken (unless it's a cut gag about Don's leg getting mangled). Is there an explanation for Donald's one fist straight one fist moving technique?

Four cartoons released this day; pretty busy. For the holidays?

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  1. "Is there an explanation for Donald's one fist straight one fist moving technique?"

    As I recollect, the mannerism was invented at Disney in the early '30s (by Dick Lundy? I don't have my references handy), and given to Donald almost from birth. Donald continued to use it until Jack Hannah became a director (mid-1940s), at which point he decided it was overdone and ended it.

    Just another reason I'm not crazy about Hannah's Ducks outside of comics. Hannah described Donald one-dimensionally as a "comic villain," and by the time he was through, that's all Donald was.