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BoxOffice, November 13, 1943

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Boxoffice November 13, 1943

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Musical Inspiration For Popeye Creators

New York—Those Cubans who introduced story tellers and musicians into the Havana cigar factories years ago had the right idea. Sam Buchwald, head of Famous Studios, where Popeye and Little Lulu cartoons are made, has adopted the music idea and he says it works.

The 200 artists, animators and other creative workers in the plant hear records at 15-minute intervals. During the early part of the day melodious classical pieces are played. Along about 4 o’clock, when the workers are getting weary, livelier selections are put on.

If Popeye grabs Olive Oyle [sic] in a forthcoming short with one hand while holding a can of spinach with the other and does a hot jitterbug number, it may prove the film was started alter 4 p. m.

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Columbia’s Nine Shorts

New York—Columbia will release nine shorts during November. “You Dear Boy," with Vera Vague, heads the list.

The rest of the list includes the Three Stooges in “Phony Express”; “Way Down Yonder in the Corn,” a Fox and Crow color cartoon; “Imagination,” a Color Rhapsody; “The Cocky Bantam,” a Phantasy cartoon; the third in the Film-Vodvil series, featuring Zeb Carver and his Hillbilly Band; a new Screen Snapshot; a sport reel called “Ten Pin Aces,” and a new Community Sing with Lew White at the organ.

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Arias Acquires Reissues

New York—Henry R. Arias has acquired from P. A. Powers, Celebrity Productions, Inc., exclusive world distribution for the 35mm cartoon reissues; 38 Flip the Frog, 12 Willie Whoppers black and white cartoons and 25 Comicolors.

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GEORGE PAL has purchased an original story from Jack Miller to be produced under the title “Jasper Goes Hunting.” Yarn concerns the adventures of a little boy while on a big game hunt in Africa.

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Cartune’ Characters to Aid National Safety Campaign

Walter Lantz, Universal “Cartune” producer, has arranged a tie-up with the National

Safety Council for use of his cartoon characters, Andy Panda and Woody Woodpecker, in connection with the council’s safe driving campaign.

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