Wednesday, November 16, 2011

113 Way Down Yonder In The Corn

1943 Number: 113
Title: Way Down Yonder in the Corn
Studio: Columbia
Date: 11/25/43
Credits: (Totally Tooned In End Credits for this:
Producer Dave Fleischer
Direction Bob Wickerham
Story Sam Cobean
Phil Duncan
Basil Davidovich
Music Eddie Kilfeather
Voice Frank Graham
Series: Fox and Crow (credited that way, free of articles, on the viewed version, which to be fair doesn't look contemporary)
Running time (of viewed version): 6:40
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Farmer Fox hires Crow as scarecrow.

Comments: I suppose I'm not lucky enough to have this be the last Fox and Crow for the year. Two more Columbias after this; the last is probably another F&C. I think I've ended up hating them more than Sniffles. While Sniffles may be as bad a character, the cartoons have enough other good stuff going on in them to make the films bearable. I like the backgrounds (art and layout) in F&C, but it's not enough to balance out everything else usually. Opens with a setup pan and sign gags. The watermelons are cool looking. Watermelons appearing without an African American reference (tho I suppose Crow being a character black in color could still make it an intentional indirect reference). I think F&C have the most gunplay of any cartoons for the year (overall). That includes SNAFU. I don't think the book title "How to Fox Crows" means how to fuck crows, just how to fix crows, but I'm not entirely certain of that. Really flat tree. Did people dress scarecrows as witches? Backgrounds are almost Hanna Barbera-like (Flinstones HB, not T&J HB). This entry feels like it's been made by a different team than the previous F&Cs for the year. Joker smile on the fox. Non-Ending ending, tho with an extreme zoom and animated shatter transition. Fox's den, and the way the dirt constantly frames it, is cool.

(On 10/22/11, I saw this on Totally Tooned In on Antenna TV; it was the first cartoon I'd seen on the show, as it was the first time I was in town for it since Detroit got access to the station on WADL's subchannel.)

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