Monday, November 28, 2011

118 What's Buzzin' Buzzard

Title: What's Buzzin' Buzzard?
Studio: MGM
Date: 11/27/43
Directed by
Tex Avery
Ed Love
Ray Abrams
Preston Blair
Music Scott Bradley
Running time (of viewed version): 8:13
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Synopsis: In time of need, two vultures turn on each other.

Comments: Silhouette title card. Two buzzard cartoons in a row. Shortnin' Bread plays over title. Painted desert painted by local 852; an animation related union for MGM? Jimmy Durante vocal caricature. Don't know if vulture Joe is a vocal caricature. Steak photo. Self referential drooling intertitle. On screen food label. Big bulbous nose on rabbit. Lots of held up signs this cartoon. Mutual tit eyes. Weird reverse curves on vulture skulls. Knifeplay. Rattlesnake pun. Another appearance of meatless Tuesday. Self referential film interruption at the end as well.

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  1. 852 was the Screen Cartoonists Guild local. It died in 1979.