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BoxOffice, November 20, 1943

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Boxoffice November 20, 1943

Pg 40-C

Disney Museum Trustee

New York—Walt Disney has been named a trustee of the Museum of Modern Art. Other new trustees appointed are William A. M. Burden, Henry Allen Moe and Mrs. George Henry Warren jr.

Disney was one of the first sponsors of the museum and one of the first to donate his films to its collections.

Pg. 41

Contest to Name Lantz’s New Girl Character

Walter Lantz, producer of Universal’s Cartunes, has launched a contest among the country’s exhibitors to select a name for his new glamour girl character who debuts in the Technicolor briefie, “The Greatest Man in Siam.” A $100 war bond will be awarded the winner of the contest, which began November 11 and will run for a month. Judges are Bernie Kriesler, short subjects sales head; John Joseph, director of publicity and advertising for the company, and Lantz. The new character will be used regularly in Lantz’ “Swing Symphony” series.

Pg. 44




Walter Lantz has ticketed LEE SWEETLAND, radio and opera singer, for “Beach Nut.” Woody Woodpecker Cartune.

Showmandisder Pg. 14


The Cocky Bantam

Columbia (Phantasy Cartoon) 6½ Mins.

Good. Travesty at its best is contained in this Dave Fleischer-produced cartoon. It is timely, too, for it carries with it a moral, showing what happens when a Falcon buys a chicken on the black market. A Jap is the seller. The fowl turns out to be an FBI agent in disguise and both the Falcon and the Jap are tossed into the hoosegow. There are plenty of laughs in this footage for young and old.

Daffy the Commando

WB (Looney Tunes) 7 Mins.

Tops. Daffy Duck, the wackiest character ever dreamed up by the creative genius of the cartoonist’s art, gets himself mixed up with von Vulture, a German general, in No Man’s Land. Daffy does what any patriotic American would do if he got the chance. He gives the Nazi vulture and his fawning stooge what they deserve, then goes calling on the fuehrer. The cartoon is a wow. It has snappy pace, ample comedy situations and characters that are extremely funny.

Inki and the Minah Bird

WB (Merrie Melodies Cartoon) 7 Mins

Very Good. This subject is notable for the reappearance of the cartoon character, the Minah Bird, which appeared in several previous Merrie Melodies and has been absent much too long. This critter is a pantomimist who can cook up the screwiest schemes in alliance with Inki to cope with the lion. Film audiences certainly would like to see many more of this little fellow’s antics in this or any other series.

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