Tuesday, November 1, 2011

109 The Old Army Game

1943 Number: 109
Title: The Old Army Game
Studio: Disney
Date: 11/05/43
Series: Donald Duck
Running time (of viewed version): 6:59
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL, Donald v2

Synopsis: Donald spends some time away from the army, which he's not supposed to do.

Comments: The title card has the shell game on it. Which doesn't seem like it's being all that supportive of the old army game. Pegleg Pete's a sergeant. The men are Ferris Buellering it. Donald is first back. As the sergeant is waiting for him in his bed; guess they didn't have don't ask don't tell then. The shell game is run by the men. Pete ends up stooging it. Donald's lower half has its own angel form; an ass soul, if you will. I wonder how the soldiers with actual amputations felt. Donald fights with suicide. Pete wants him to blow his brains out in private. Having "In the Army Now"; is it the closest Disney gets to swearing with the known "you son of a bitch" line? Donald demonstrates US Army camouflage skills as a bunny. Disney didn't do multiples of a character to show fastness as well as some others.

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