Wednesday, November 9, 2011

111 The Lion and the Mouse

Title: The Lion and the Mouse
Studio: Terry
Date: 11/12/43
Story by
John Foster
Directed by
Mannie Davis
Music by
Philip A. Scheib
Series: Super Mouse/Mighy Mouse
Running time (of viewed version): 6:31
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Mouse gets drunk and fights lion, then gets more drunk and fights for lion.

Comments: Womany eyes on the lion in the title card. The narrator isn't bad, but I think I'm getting sick of him. Antelope look nice. Bottle of hard cider makes mouse drunk. Finally looks cartoony when drunk. Drunk half Tarzan yell. Probably the funniest Terry animation so far this year (and there isn't much left). Great inner mouth painting. The dogs look more WB than Terry. Maybe MGM-y. Still called Super Mouse. And he gets his powers by getting drunk. But not enough to just kick the lion's ass earlier. Maybe it's a hangover that gives him his mighty powers. Reused animation of a not drunk MM/SM flying? The lion literally crawls into the bottle at the end. It's funny, but presumably this has original titles because it was (again presumably) deemed at some early point to be unsuitable for television. Been a lot of characters turning liquid lately. The lion is inexplicably afraid of three dogs.

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  1. It almost feels like it was a last-minute decision to make the mouse into Super/Mighty Mouse in this cartoon—maybe during development, it was "just" a lion and mouse cartoon? No Super Mouse titles either. His appearance is a total surprise.