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BoxOffice Magazine, November 6, 1943

BoxOffice November 6, 1943

ad for Terrytoons p44ish.

p74: Briefies
GRIM NATWICK and DON WILLIAMS have joined the Walter Lantz Cartoon organization as animators.

"Type of Animation
A new type of animation, which uses transparent plastics instead of drawings,

has been developed by Walter Lantz, Universal's "Cartune producer. Lantz currently is using the new technique on a series of eight cartoons he is making for the navy. According to Lantz. the new process is 100 times quicker than the drawing method and requires only about 10 per cent of the personnel necessary for making conventional cartoon films."

Dr Seuss cartoon p73ish (70-C?)

Hiss and Make Up
(Memo Melodies) [ed: I like that OCR error]
7 Mins.
"Comical situations abound in this cartoon in which the dog and the cat In spite carry on their continual bickering of the warnings from the spinster owner that she will toss them out in the cold if they continue, they disregard her advice. The pet canary contributes to their downfall, however, and in the final scene is seen being swaIlowed by the cat."

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