Monday, November 21, 2011

115 Her Honor the Mare

Title: Her Honor the Mare
Studio: Famous
Date: 11/26/43
I. Sparber
Jim Tyer
Ben Solomon
Jack Mercer
Jack Ward
Series: Popeye
Running time (of viewed version): 7:04 (2 seconds intro)
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Broken down horse is adopted by nephews, opposed for being in the house by noted sailor.

Comments: And we're out of official Popeye releases. Which makes for a more difficult sourcing than you'd expect. I've opted for YouTube, which is of course not especially good, but it is nevertheless a functional solution. Silhouette title card. Glue factory won't take the horse (which is ridiculous because it has HUGE hooves). Denim blue suit on Popeye. Although as this is not exactly a color correct way of viewing this, that may be erroneous. Hitler is the horses ass (tho Who's a Horses Ass played for the horse earlier). WooWoo Magazine has a woman's legs on it. Shrunken head (hello, Carbunkle). Inside the asylum. For some reason, you have to keep a horse when it suddely drops a litter. Which _is_ unusual, as horses pretty much give birth to one at a time. And I saw the four nephews on a pale horse, and their name was death... Popeye is in drag briefly. Fake horse full of sailors; which would make Popeye a son of Ilium.

Below is a drawing that whatever the source was said was from the cartoon; I didn't note in the name where it was from, so maybe it wasn't from Howard Lowery or Van Eaton Galleries. Also I didn't screencap a rocking horse image; that's because looking at the cartoon, there isn't one. The drawing makes sense in the scee where the horse has taken Popeye's shirt; a ricking chair had been involved, so it's an obvious place to go. But based on the viewed print, this is not in the cartoon.

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