Monday, November 7, 2011

110 The Cocky Bantam (Black and Blue Market)

Title: The Cocky Bantam
Studio: Columbia
Date: 11/12/43
Produced by
Dave Fleischer
Paul Sommer
Sam Cobean
Volus Jones
Basil Davidovich
Eddie Kilfeather
Series: Phantasy
Running time (of viewed version): 6:39
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Falcon wants meat, but is out of ration coupons, and bites off more than he can chew in the form of a tough little rooster.

Comments: Trash pile is reminiscent of the last WB black and white cartoon. Ration card fraud. Freddy Falcon looks like a vulture. While there is a black market named Hirohito's, there's also an Adolf's, and a Benny's (presumably being Hitler's and Benito Mussoini's). Acme is generic; so who is "Jone's" (sic) Market referring to? Maybe it's just meant to be generic as well. Did people get tattoos of girls' phone numbers? Seems like a really bad idea. I'll assume it's a gag based on how bad an idea that is. Fred Astaire, Chaplin and Tyrone Power impressions. I like how the cartoon transitions from a fairly standard natural fight to a big human-y set up. Is "Dick Rooster" a play on a specific detective, or is it just a three way penis joke (detectives being known as dicks, Richard Rooster here being called dick, and roosters also being cocks)? I think it's unrealistic to portray the blackmarket as being run by foreign agents; the black market was domestic entrepreneurs. The pressure cooker look on Falcon reminds me of a Spumco look.

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  1. The propaganda of the day was that patronizing the black market circumvented legitimate channels, thus undermining the government and supporting our enemies.