Wednesday, November 23, 2011

116 No Mutton Fer Nuttin'

Title: No Mutton Fer Nuttin'
Studio: Famous
Date: 11/26/43
Dave Tendlar John Walworth
Carl Meyer
Musical Arrangement:
Sammy Timberg
Series: Noveltoons (the first one). Blackie the Lamb (likewise, I think)
Running time (of viewed version): 7:38
Commercial DVD Availability: - (600 Cartoon Disc 7)

Synopsis: Black sheep is strong against wolf, white sheep not so much.

Comments: Same release date as Her Honor the Mare, the first release day after a long break related to the move from Florida back to NY. Open on a sign. The prices on meat were, I suppose high; $1 per pound for chicken, $2/lb for beef, lamb chops $10/lb. The price on lamb is slightly more than current actual prices for regular chops, but the other prices are less than actual current prices (barring a sale). Why do wolves always have to have the same outfit? Struggling for weapons. Black sheep with dice. Wolf word shows up. Wolf twisting around the tree looks interesting enough. Underwater hot foot. Water skin. Blackie's dice cheat. Last wish is to smoke. This would not be allowed now of course. Extended shot of a house burning down. Avery esque extension beyond the closing iris. And a war reference for scrap metal. I don't know why the wolf isn't ecstatic for a tire in a sack; I'd think he could trade it for mucho meat.

Thunderbean animation is about to, or already has, depending on when you read this, release(d) a Noveltoons disc. Not with this cartoon tho.


  1. Is it confirmed that this won't be on the final set? I guess I can just continue watching my restored French print(which I'll gladly give you a copy of if you want some better looking screenshots)but I was really looking forward to seeing this cartoon logoless and in English. That and it's a brilliant cartoon too.

  2. Until the release actually comes out I wouldn't count it out completely, but I'm fairly sure it's never been on the publicly released list of things Steve has had ready to go for the set.

  3. He did mention however, that he was looking for a print of the cartoon. I hope he found one.

  4. Also notable as Arnold Stang's first cartoon voice work (as Wolfie here, though Sid Raymond would assume the role after this, with Stang moving over to Herman the Mouse). The first few Famous Studio non-Superman cartoons appear to have to been started in Miami and finished in New York, and this one may have been soundtracked in both places (as the Superman cartoons were), with the orchestrations and Stang's voice recorded up north, while the other sounds were done and then mixed in down in Florida.