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BoxOffice, February 27, 1943

BoxOffice, February 27, 1943

"They're Gremlins

They may worry the
Walt Disney seems unconcerned. He created 'em. One is a male gremlin; another a Widget (baby gremlin); the third, Fifinella (female gremlin). All will be used in "The Gremlins of the R.A.F."

"Cartoon People Get Together Meanwhile, the cartoon producers got together in an effort to stop pirating among themselves of their limited manpower, and to draft an agreement for presentation to the war manpower commission concerning draft deferments for animators and others considered essential to the pen and ink picture making craft. At an initial meeting, attended by representatives of all of the cartoon studios, a committee was appointed to work out the details of the program. Serving thereon are Leon Schlesinger, Walter Lantz and Hal Adlequist of the Disney organization."

"Walt Disney has returned from a threeweek combination government and company business trip to Washington and New York."

"Under the auspices of the coordinator of inter-American affairs, nine leading Argentine newspaper owners, publishers and editorial directors will visit the Walt Disney Studio March 16. Arrangements for the jaunt were made by Arthur Wild, director of tours for the National Press Club of"


"The Trunk That Flew," fantasy by Dudley Morris, be produced as a Technicolor Puppetoon by GEORGE PAL."

"The record for the league is held by Frances Black of the Disneys, an RKO team; she has bowled a 208"

"with a sore throat, his wife stepped into the gap as a sub for her hub, who was Ernest Nickel, ailing about a week whistler in Walt Disney productions, including "Snow White," was a recent vis. . ."

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