Saturday, February 12, 2011

018 Pluto and the Armadillo

Title: Pluto and the Armadillo
Studio: Disney
Date: 02/19/43
Series: Mickey (In the credits, tho one would think it's functionally a Pluto cartoon)
Running time (of viewed version): 7:21
Commercial DVD Availability: Complete Pluto v1, Cartoon Classics Favorites : Best Pals: Mickey and Pluto

Synopsis: Pluto mistakes armadillo for ball.

Comments: Sort of a deleted scene from Saludos Amigos. I'm surprised they wouldn't have forced this one in at the expense of one of the Donald entries to get as much coverage as possible for their stars. Pluto looks gangly. Mickey looks a bit odd too. It seems like it would be problematic to play this before Saludos Amigos, tho, as it would predate the intro. Considering the extreme shortness of the SA, why not just include it? Too much Americans-agressing for S. Americans? Donald's Titicaca adventures involve conflict with the scenery, not the inhabitants. It certainly comes across as unusual tho. Weirdly manic, and I think Pluto's going to have sex with the armadillo, like Donald was going to have sex with that penguin in 1939. I guess the Disney group was involved in some tourisme prohibitad in Brazil. So _that's_ what Walt and El Grupo means...

Is this really not a bonus feature on any of the Saludos Amigos DVD releases in the US? Unconscionable.

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  1. Apparently, it was meant to be in "Saludos Amigos", because in the "South of the Border with Disney" TV special seen in the special features of one of the "Salads Amigos" DVDs, they cite a cartoon with Pluto and an Armadillo on the same time as other cartoons in preparation for Salads Amigos ("Donald and Lake Titicaca", "Aquarella di Brazil", "Gaucho Goofy").