Wednesday, February 23, 2011

023 Bravo Mr Strauss

Title: Bravo Mr. Strauss
Studio: George Pal
Date: 02/26/43
Credits: Originated and Produced by George Pal
Series: (Madcap Models; Puppetoon? both are in the retitle)
Running time (of viewed version): 6:50
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Living statue defeats Axis by pretending to be their friend.

Comments: Begins (and ends) with the doleful wartime dreams of a European ex-pat narrated over a field of stars. I think a vampire went and sucked the color from this print. Screwball army. Symphony of destruction; I wonder if Megadeth got the song name from this (they do talk about marionettes in that song). In stop motion, they can just cut paintings out of books, they don't even have to recreate them. Almost halfway through until Strauss shows up. I wonder how they did the fade from statue to living Strauss. Strauss leads the mindless to a deadly piper's call.

Some lists claim the Puppetoon Movie DVD has this short on it as a bonus; this is a transcription error for Mr Strauss Takes a Walk (or else there's more than one version of the DVD).


  1. It wasn't a "transcription error" that "Bravo, Mr. Strauss" is listened in some sources on the "Puppetoon Movie" DVD. It was planned to include this short but because of some copyright issues "Mr. Strauss Takes a Walk" was choosen.

  2. Can anyone tell me the name of the marching music used to lure the Screwballs to their doom?