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BoxOffice February 20, 1943

BoxOffice February 20, 1943

This one is messy.

SOmething called the Disney amendment; unclear if it has anything to do with Walt.

"Rationing Foods Short Release Is Moved Up

New York Release date of the OWI short "Point Rationing of Foods," was advanced from March



12 to





confusion in the public's mind about national rationing which starts March 1. according to the War Activities

Committee. The Columbia exchanges are distributing the six-minute cartoon."




Hits at Checking

Philadelphia New Jersey Allied, in annual session at Trenton's Stacy-Trent Hotel, endorsed a proposed measure to make it illegal for distributors to post checkers in front of theatres to ascertain the number of persons patronizing the house during the presentation of a flat rental picture. The theatre owners organization maintains that such checking is "pure espionage on business" by the producer for the sole purpose of increasing the price of film rentals. It is also contended that the checking system on film rentals gives the producers a decided business advantage, and is counter to the Fair Trade Act. Gov. Charles Edison addressed the exhibitors during the luncheon and congratulated the organization for its aid to the state and government. Attorney General David Wilentz

also spoke.


out-of-court settlement for an undisclosed amount terminated trial in the federal court of a breach of contract suit instituted against the Walt Disney Enterprises. Walt Disney Productions and the Brier Manufacturing Co., by Leo F. Phillips. Co., Inc. Plaintiff charged that defendants broke an alleged contract by permitting the Brier Company to produce Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters on buttons and other articles."

"10.000 Eligible to Vote Song nominations, the final vote on which will be by some 10.000 persons in

Barney Balaban of Paramount, Nicholas M. Schenck of Loews. Inc., N. Peter Rathvon of RKO Radio, Spyros Skouras of 20th Century-Fox. Harry M. Warner of Warner Brothers. Nate Blumberg of Universal, Harry Cohn of Columbia and Ed Raftery of

United Artists.

president in looked on.




the industry, are: "Dearly Beloved," from "You Were Never Lovelier." Columbia: "Love Is a Song," Radio; "How from "Bambi." Disney."

""Yankee Doodle Dandy." Warners. On Dramatic or Comedy Film Nominations for the best music score of a dramatic or comedy picture follow: "The Shanghai Gesture." Arnold. UA; "The Gold Rush." Chaplin. UA: "I Married a Witch." Cinema Guild. UA: "The Talk of the Town," Columbia; "Bambi." Disney. RKO Radio; "The Pride of the Yankees." Goldwyn. RKO Radio: "Jungle Book." Korda. UA: "To Be or Not to Be." Lubitsch, UA: "Random Harvest." M-G-M: "Klondike Fury." Monogram: "Take a Letter. Darling." Paramount; "Flying Tigers." Republic; "Joan of Paris." RKO Radio; "Silver Queen." Sherman. UA; "The Corsican Brothers." Small. UA; "The Black Swan." 20th-Fox: "Arabian Nights." Wanger. Universal: "Now. Voyager," Warners."


"war bonds and stamps during January. Harry F. Shaw, division manager, announced. The LoewPoli, New Haven, headed the list with a
morning cartoon show Saturday, ran at

the College with the cooperation of all the downtowns, netted a ton of the precious metals, with 1.500 children attending Collections at all theatres in the state for the March of Dimes, beginning February 18. are in full swing. Theatres are using trailers. I. J. Hoffman. Warner zone head, is chairman for the area. Norman Moran. Vitaphone shorts executive, and chairman of the current drive, paid the New Haven"

"A Saturday morning cartoon show with admission by brass or copper scrap was held by ManaManager Edgar Lynch at the Warner ger Morris Rosenthal of the Majestic and his wife were in New York City to see "Star and Garter" James Hill, former projectionist at the American, is now sta."

"The Screwball

7 Mins. (Walter Lantz) Good. Gorgeous color features this cartoon, which has plenty of action, a number of laughs but a somewhat innocuous
punch line at the close. Woody Woodpecker gets into trouble with the police because he saws his way through the fence into the baseball field. After plenty of trouble with the fans, he finally gets into the game as a pitcher and then as a batter. Quiet is restored after Woody is pinned to the scoreboard by a deluge of


"The Boxer

Maya Films

18 Mins.

shows some new shots of the defense system. Excellent photography. Produced by Frederic Ullman jr., it is narrated by Dwight Weist.

(Mexican Comedy with Cantinflas) Fair. This is the initial showing in the

U. S. of a short starring Cantinflas, MexHe comes with ico's foremost comedian. a garland of bouquets bestowed upon him by our own Charlie Chaplin and Walt Disney, who regard him as one of the world's leading clowns. Undoubtedly, the Mexican is amusing, and comedy, as some one once said, is universal. The short, however, lacks English titles and much of its humor is vitiated on that account for American audiences. Its appeal in average situations in this country, therefore, would be limited."

Cow Cow


7 Mins. (Swing Symphony) Excellent. Plenty of music in the groove and good comedy situations in this cartoon. Cowhands and cows on the "Lazy S" ranch won't work, so the foreman gets an idea when a colored boy comes along singing "Cow Cow Boogie." The boy is assigned to playing boogie woogie on the piano. Every one, including the bovine denizens, respond nobly to the stimulus of the jazz and everybody



"board to call it "the class of the Disneys" This city in the past has never warmed up to the pi-ospects of film fare in legiti. .









"Amigos" Opens Strong at PROVIDENCE The Majestic in Boston



Boston Holdovers in general did no good business this week, but figures were still good enough to mean smiles in the At the Majestic "Saludos front offices. Amigos" opened well to rave notices, and continued to pack them in despite Boston's





request that extra service on busses theatre-going crowds be curtailed will not be carried out by United Electric Railways operating in Greater Providence, says Alonzo R. Williams, general manager Williams said of the utility corporation.

New Haven — Our own "Medal of the Week" goes to Lou Phillips, Modern Theatre

From Asphyxiation

Equipment manager, and

known aversion to film fare in legitimate houses. The figures: Boston— Behind Ihe Eight Ball (Univ), plus 135 stage show Fenway— Lucky Jordan (Para) Army Surgeon lib (WB Majestic Saludos Amigos (Disney); Squadron"

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