Tuesday, February 1, 2011

014 Pigs In A Polka

Title: Pigs In A Polka
Studio: Warner Bros.
Date: 02/02/43 according to LTMM, 1/9 in OMAM, 2/6 in BoxOffice
Credits: - (LTMM says Freleng supervised, Stalling did the music)
Series: Merrie Melodies (according to Blue Ribbon retitle)
Running time (of viewed version): 7:51
Commercial DVD Availability: LTGCv3d3, Academy Award set

Synopsis: Pigs fight wolf in a non-serious manner, with a Fantasia-style classical music wraparound.

Comments: An Academy Award nominee. And no two sources seem to agree on its release date. I will likely ultimately reorder the '43 cartons based on release dates as found in BoxOffice, but until that time I am using the LTMM dating, for what essentially amounts to a caprice. A Fantasia take off; this one actually after Fantasia, and about Brahms' Hungarian Dances. Also using three pigs, for a double Disney parody; thankfully, it's more active and funny than the two sources. The stork is similarly sedate to the mynah bird. This cartoon's restoration seems... incomplete for the LTGC. Looks the same more or less on the Acdemy Awards Collection, except for maybe some interlacing. Same re-title card, certainly. I think the modern wood house would be made of Jenga. Even tho the cartoon does move much faster than the source cartoons, there's still something floaty about the timing. Mel Blanc's wolf voice isn't very wolfy at all. I'm not sure why this was nominated for an Oscar; people were sick of war themed cartoons? Here the potentially offensive ethnic stereotype is Roma. Ham portrait on the wall; Uncle someone or other. There's actually quite a lot of art on the walls.

The image of the original title is taken from: http://www.cartoonresearch.com/warner.html

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