Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 1943: A Good Month For Watching At Home

I'm going to mention that February 1943 is a great candidate for anyone who wants to watch the cartoons of a given time period. Based on the current dating in this blog, there are 8 theatrical shorts, a feature, and a PSA short all available on commercial DVDs, including from such relatively hard to find on DVD store shelves cartoon makers as Paul Terry. The only cartoons not available from the month is currently not known to exist by the people who would be expected to know of a cartoon's existence, and a Puppetoon that you may not ocnsider to be a cartoon (tho I do).

You'll need the Looney Tunes Golden Collection volume 3, disc 3 and volume 1, disc 3, The New Adventures of Mighty Mouse, a copy of Saludos Amigos or Walt and El Grupo, Du Barry Was A Lady, Woody Woodpecker Volume 1, disc 1 (or volume 3 of the Columbia House set), the Complete Pluto, a Fleischer Superman dvd, and Popeye Volume 3. Other than Dubarry Was A Lady (which I was fortunate enough to find for a couple of bucks at Big Lots), these are all solid additions to your animation collection.

The rundown on the cartoons is:
02/02/43 W Pigs in a Polka LTGCv3d3
02/05/43 T He Dood It Again (TNAMM)
02/06/43 D Saludos Amigos wide release (not a short)
02/13/43 M Bah Wilderness (Du Barry Was A Lady DVD)
02/15/43 L The Screwball WWv1d1/WWCE3
02/19/43 D Pluto and the Armadillo Pl
02/19/43 F Seein' Red, White 'n' Blue Pv3
02/19/43 F The Mummy Strikes (superman)
02/20/43 W Tortoise Wins by a Hare LTGCv1d3
02/26/43 C -There's Something About A Soldier (not currently known to exist)
02/26/43 P Bravo Mr Strauss (not on commercial DVD; many sources wrongly state that this is on the DVD of the Puppetoon movie; unless there is more than one version of The Puppetoon Movie)
02/xx/43 WB - Point Rationing of Foods Chuck Jones 02-XX 1943 LTGC Volume 3, Disc 3 non-theatrical


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