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Saludos Amigos (post 2 of 2)

Title: Saludos Amigos
Studio: Disney
Date: 02/06/43 (wide release; original limited release was in '42)
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Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 41:54
Commercial DVD Availability: Gold Classic Collection, Classic Caballeros Collection, Walt and El Grupo.

Synopsis: We see some more stories having to do with South America, and some story of what led to them.

El Gaucho Goofy: Cigarette removal from Goofy for boring rehash; I wonder why they didn't for Walt... Start in Texas, transform the cowboy to a gaucho. Goofy largely stands around being acted upon, by the omnipotent narration (and yes, I mean omnipotent, not omniscient) or the horse (who is far more effective than Goofy). Several interesting transitions; crush side wipe, and rolling up wipe, and a transition jumping from smaller and smaller square of the first shot within the new shot. Goofy's barbeque has way too much meat. If the horse doesn't show up again, I will assume he ate the horse. "Argentine ostrich". Ah well, the horse shows up again. Maybe they filmed out of sequence.

I like mosaic sidewalks... Those are some platformed shoes.

Aquarela do Brasil: (Credits; Music by Ary Barroso, Sung by Aloysio Oliveira Samba Tico TIco No Fuba by Zequinha de Abreu Introducing Joe Carioca Voice by Jose Oliveira (Zezinho)) Silhouette shadow. The painting of things gives this more of a Fantasia feel than the other segments. It's almost set up as a blackout gag cartoon to start; thing happens, gag is made, quickly move on. And you have Donald with a an artist painting Jose into the picture, which brings to mind the later and greater Duck Amuck. Using a foreign language gives it a kind of Sesame Street vibe too. Translation of long to short joke. What's Samba, precious? Jose is still allowed to drink; and presumably they're drinking some sort of liquor that makes Don's breathe into fire and makes him happy (and which is used to paint the samba). More silhouette action. And then it ends, without a frame, which seems odd.

Imagine if Disney decided to do a feature of connected shorts like this today. I suppose Fantasia 2000 kinda was. They should try again.

Go to to buy a Mary Blair painting of Jose Carioca

(I do have Walt and El Grupo at the time of initial posting, but I haven't watched it yet)

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