Tuesday, February 8, 2011

016 Bah Wilderness

Title: Bah Wilderness
Studio: MGM
Date: 02/13/43
A Rudolf Ising Production
Series: Barney Bear
Running time (of viewed version): 7:16
Commercial DVD Availability: Du Barry Was A Lady

Synopsis: Barney goes camping and has a rough night.

Comments: Barney's pants have lots of extra fabric above the belt. Lots of good paintings. The music plays to the comedy; for some reason it's not as offensive as when music does it now. Maybe the music is better, maybe it's the instrumentation, maybe it's because it lacks dialogue (outside of the radio). I wonder how Barney, a bear, comes to have to camp in the woods. Barney has quite a lot of bear traps around. Same way humans have pistols to deal with each other I suppose. There's a green bird with a red comb in the cartoon; what forest is this? Establishing text and environmental shot; it also pushes in on the blue frame designed to make the text tv safe, tho that's not the original, of course. I like the drowning radio voice.

Lucille Ball is pretty hot in Du Barry Was A Lady, the DVD this cartoon appears as a bonus on.

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