Thursday, February 10, 2011

017 The Screwball

Title: The Screwball
Studio: Lantz
Date: 02/15/43
Alex Lovy
Music Darrell Calker
Animation Verne Harding
Ben Hardaway - Milt Shaffer
Series: Woody Woodpecker
Running time (of viewed version): 6:52
Commercial DVD Availability: WWv1d1/WWCE3 (the Columbia House set)

Synopsis: Woody sneaks into a baseball game, and causes much more havoc than he should be allowed to.

Comments: Open on a text gag. After ugly long beak Woody breaks through the background (longer than the in cartoon Woody). The cop has almost a Gildersleeve voice. I've forgotten much of this cartoon; I remember the set up and the opening the pop on the bucktoothed guy's teeth, the screaming worm, the throwing the glove catch. I don't remember the incessant and inane talking tho. So many buck teeth in this cartoon. I've almost never found them (buck teeth) to be funny. Did they get more popular with Bugs's popularity? February is a bit early for a baseball cartoon. Interesting end title, harking back to the pre cartoon opening.

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  1. The soundalike for "Take Me Out To the Ball Game" is annoying. It's close enough that you never forget what it should be—so the changes pull it into some kind of auditory uncanny valley.