Sunday, January 30, 2011

013 Donald's Tire Trouble

Title: Donald's Tire Trouble
Studio: Disney
Date: 01/29/43
Series: Donald Duck
Running time (of viewed version): (whoops, forgot to write it down)
Commercial DVD Availability: Chronological Donald v2

Synopsis: Speeding Donald damages a tire, which is problematic due to the wartime rubber shortage.

Comments: Fifth Disney cartoon of the month. Third Donald cartoon of the month. Leonard Maltin's disc intro claims the cartoons were to distract from the war in large part; not really seeing that in this month of releases (until this cartoon, and the tire shortage was a direct impact on the homeside of the war, as you can see in the clippings behind the title). Big blocky dust cloud is cool. Donald somehow looks more retro to me here than he did in '39. Creepy inner tube, even before it sounds like a bagpipe (playing "the rabbits are coming hurray hurray). Major eye action. Has a better feel than many of the '39s, which were slow and felt like they were killing time. There's still not much to comment on tho.

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  1. Actually, the name of the song is "The Campbells are Coming", an old folk ditty ftom Scotland.