Sunday, January 23, 2011

009 The Vitamin G Man

Title: The Vitamin G-Man
Studio: Columbia
Date: 01/22/43 (2/5 in Boxoffice)
Produced by Dave Fleischer
Paul Sommer
John Hubley
Jack Cosgriff
Jim Armstrong
Ed Kilfeather
Series: Phantasy
Running time (of viewed version): 6:26
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Detective school finals.

Comments: Title cel over the opening shot. Opens with a very long truck in, to a silhouette shot. Quite interesting. Tons of background imagery. The images are cartoony, in a "I couldn't quite tell you where from" sort of way; it occurs to me that this may simply be '43 era Columbia style, and I just haven't had enough familiarity to pigeon hole it before. Audio sounds oddly recorded. Test taker sounds like the pimply teen from the Simpsons. Reference to tires being hard to find may be the only war reference. This feels more manic and unplanned than Columbia's '39 output. Lots of bodies fall when doors open; it doesn't translate well to screencaps. There's a bad/confusing joke based on the text "when foul(fowl) play is suspected, look for the X", then finding the -eggs-. Characters and backgrounds are nice; shame about the story.

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