Friday, January 7, 2011

The Grain That Built A Hemisphere

Title: The Grain That Built A Hemisphere
Studio: Disney (Non Theatrical)
Date: 01/04/43
Credits: -
Series: (Government; Inter-American Affairs)
Running time (of viewed version): 10:36
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL

Synopsis: You should like corn.

Comments: Spoiler: it's corn. They didn't know about DNA, so it was a question at the time what corn was related to. Are there deer in South America? And were there nomadic hunters in ancient South America? This short should have a Spanish audio option; but it doesn't. Shadow shots. The story of corn fucking. 70% of corn was for animal feed at the time. Lots of abstract shots to save on animation; it makes the fuller more traditional Disney shots look out of place. Fry those donuts at home. Put your corn syrup directly on your pancakes and into your veins. Addict those babies to corn! Skyscrapers made of corn plastic! Why did they need to pimp corn? Were people unhappy with corn during the war? The cow's meat map makes this the second cartoon in a row with cartoony cows that are going to be eaten. The shadows are used more to avoid work than to make a point.

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