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BoxOffice, January 9, 1943

BoxOffice January 9, 1943

Note the implication below that Der Feuhrer's face was actually being show on New Year's Eve

"Republic-Fawcett Tieup For Gene Autry Comics

has made a new tieup with Fawcett Publications through which Fawcett will publish Gene Autry Comics, a monthly cartoon magazine. Fawcett field men will work with exhibitors on campaigns, including lobby displays, posters oh Fawcett trucks, cards for newsstands and the like."

p54 "Pittsburgh Grosses Skid; 'Bambi' Turns In Only 60 Pittsburgh Theatre grosses skidded to record lows for the traditional worst period of the year. pre-Christmas week. Not one house hit near average and the season was not entirely "the cause of it all" with one exception, the film offerings were from fair to poor. The one outstanding picture, "Bambi." was the season's biggest disappointment from the boxoffice standpoint. but on a moveover to the Ritz, the Disney cartoon was doing very well. All theatres were clicking again until flood waters cov-ered the lower Golden Triangle"

p33 "At the year-end meeting of the Society Independent Motion Picture Producers held recently, reports were read by officers, Loyd Wright, president, and John C. Flinn. secretary, and plans announced for the appointment of new committees to serve during the coming year. Among those who attended the gathering were William Cagney, Roy Disney, Marvin

A. Ezzell,"

"place last week, marking up 250 per cent on "Once Upon a Honeymoon," doubled The figure with "Street of Chance." broke several house records. The Orpheum held the bill over, including Walt Disney's "Der Fuehrer's Face," which also had helped. "




— — Orpheum — Across

stage show

the Paciiic

(WB), plus


Enjoys Big Matinees Kansas City — The Orpheum used both

balconies at all matinees, including NewYear's Eve; and ticket selling was stopped for 20 to 30 minutes, at least once each Incidentally. night including Monday. Walt Disney's "Der Fuehrer's Face" looked like one reason for the crowd. Frank Ritter did some observing and interpreting at the Uptown, of which he is manager, on the New Year's Eve scene. The Uptown started its extra evening feature showing at 12:20 a. m. Patrons had been lined up 7 to 10 p. m. and there was another rush at 11:15 for the last performance. Many of these came in motor Thousands were riding on private cars. gasoline that night. Ritter said Broadway at 2 a. m. looked like a Saturday night at 9. It seemed to him that auto owners were discovering how much they could get out of rations and were over the first shock. He believes that the public, getting used to this new thing, will find it's not so

indications have been in evidence the last week that the boxoffice slump which set in at the same time gasoline rationing became effective may be only temporarily. Following Christmas there was a brisk upturn in grosses, particularly in downtown Minneapolis, and some of the pessimism in trade circles began to disappear."

"Des Moines Seven days in Des Moines was not enough for "Seven Days Leave" and so the Victor Mature-Lucille Ball picture, which did tremendous business at the Orpheum, was held over for a second week. Held over also was the second feature. "The Falcon's Brother" and the Walt Disney short which drew many customers. "Der Fuehrer's Face." Another above-par picture showed at the Paramount. "

"Bill Elson capacity for PRC in St. Louis had the territory premiere of the Disney picture, "Der Fuehrer's Face," at his "A" house at Detroit Lakes, Minn. The picture is a knockout; give it plenty of advertising Joe Loefler, and exploitation, says Bill M-G-M salesman, has the sympathy of Filmrow in the loss of his father who passed away at the family home in Cleveland, Ohio."

"For 'Fuehrer's Face' Gloversville, N. Y. —Seymour Morris,

Schine's publicity department, has this to say regarding "Der Fuehrer's Face." the song hit which comes from the new Disney short of the same title:

and out

sat in a restaurant one noon hour of 12 recordings being played on the juke box, 'Der Fuehrer's Face' was played no less than five times.""

"Lantz Sets a Schedule
For Thirteen Cartunes

Thirteen cartunes will comprise the 1943-44 production schedule of Walt Lantz Cartunes Studio, the same amount as was produced for the 1942-43 season. Set for production are six Swing Symphonies, four Woody Woodpecker and three Andy Panda cartunes."

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