Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Spirit of '43

Title: The Spirit of '43
Studio: Disney
Date: 01/07/43
Credits: -
Series: (Government; War Activities)
Running time (of viewed version): 5:42
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL, Chronological Donald v2, Digiview Donald Duck/Woody Woodpecker

Synopsis: Save money to pay your taxes.

Comments: Speaking whistle, like in Der Fuehrer's Face.

A Scottish duck entreating Donald to save money. Arguably Uncle Scrooge. But Scrooge would not have wanted to pay taxes. "It's your war". How gullible was the greatest generation? Did they just believe everything they were told? It's like the line is blaming the taxpayer for the war. Mars attacks war machine paintings. The title is meant to bring to mind the Spirit of '76, referring to the American Revolution. "You can pay your taxes, or you can have sex with girls before we draft you and send you to die"; such a simple message. If everyone did what the propaganda said to do, the economy would have collapsed. Americas factories are similar to the dystopian German factories (in Der Fuehrer's Face and in Metropolis)...

Created for the government may equal public domain status, tho this alone seems to be listed as public domain of the Disney war cartoons:


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