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004 Somewhere In the Pacific

Title: Somewhere in the Pacific
Studio: Terry
Date: 01/8/43
Credits: - (OMAM says directed by Mannie Davis)
Series: Terrytoons
Running time (of viewed version): -
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: -

Comments: And three cartoons into the year, we hit a lost cartoon. We also hit a re-dating. Which means I've decided a cartoon I don't have the ability to see currently was released in a year I'm covering. So it's like a wash, with a lot of footnotes.

Most sources list this as released December 25, 1942. However, BoxOffice in early 1943 listed it as having a January 1943 date; the date was not clear to me and may have been the 3rd, 6th or 8th, and the viewable versions of BoxOffice disappeared from Issuu and I can no longer check them to make a final determination. But it was definitely January '43.

Updated before initial posting of the entry: in the February 6, 1943 issue of BoxOffice, the cartoon is listed as coming out January 8. In the January 2, 1943 issue, on the other hand, it was listed as coming out 12/25/42.

February 6:

January 2:

I am inclined to accept BoxOffice dating because they had a reason to know dates (they were involved in getting information to theater owners), and I can clearly see them as a primary source, as opposed to modern filmographies which I am in the dark as to the specific source of information for any given cartoon. My choices in dating may be in error, the numbering I am assigning to the cartoons for a year may be in error, I may be covering cartoons that do not belng in the year, and I may be missing cartoons for the year. But the blog shall proceed as if my dating is correct, and may be revised later to correct possible errors. I will try to err on the side of including all materials which may be part of the year. I am using the BoxOffice re-dating here, whereas I may not use it in some other places, to be sure to include this cartoon in this year; it is less important if I am simply reordering cartoons within the year. (Ironically, the dating on this missing cartoon may be more correct in this blog because I've spent time exploring information beyond the cartoon itself; I should ultimately approach the overall dating of the cartoons in a systematic way; as it stands, the dating is an amalgam, and therefre is almost certainly wrong in some respects.)

I promptly misplaced the source of the poster image at the top of the page; it was I believe a seller site; it is thoroughly believable with its wartime Gandy and supermouse colored Mighty Mouse, but as this was a generic poster with specific lettering, it doesn't add much (tho it's helpful to have an image to break up the text monotony).

Here's the Faqs.org information pertaining to the cartoon:

"Somewhere in the Pacific
Document number:
Date of Recordation:
October 7, 1996
Entire Copyright Document:
V3291 P1-314
Registration Number Not Verified:
Somewhere in the Pacific / (Terrytoon cartoon) R477723.
Number of similar titles:
Variant title:
Terrytoon cartoon
Title appears in Document:
**53 & 4482 other titles. (Part 016 of 024)

Read more: http://www.faqs.org/copyright/talking-magpies-in-the-intruders-terrytoon-cartoon-r579972-2/#ixzz0xYr4i7SL "

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  1. It doesn't look like SOMEWHERE IN THE PACIFIC appears in the 1942-43 release indices of either the Motion Picture Herald or Harrison's Reports. The Terrytoons for November 1942 thru January 1943, by release number and release date, are: FRANKENSTEIN'S CAT (#3557, 11/27/42), BARNYARD WAAC (#3558, 12/18/42 [Harrisons has 12/12/42]), and SCRAP FOR VICTORY (#3559, 1/22/43), in the Technicolor series and ICKLE MEETS PICKLE (#3502, 11/13/42) in the Black and White Series. But a lot of the 20th Century-Fox one reelers seem to have had their release dates re-set, so I will try to look into this a little deeper.