Sunday, January 16, 2011

006 Education For Death

Title: Education For Death
Studio: Disney
Date: 01/15/43
Credits: (book by Gregor Ziemer)
Series: -
Running time (of viewed version): 11:17 with Leonard, 10:10 without
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL

Synopsis: A character study about why America should kill German rank and file.

Comments: Strangely, this was a theatrical release; you'd think Spirit of '43 would have been, between these two titles. Or with the knowledge that Donald Duck is in Spirit. And again we get a disruptive unskippable Leonard Maltin introduction. What makes a Nazi? His government of course. The propaganda says: "Propaganda is bad!" So much of the wartime propaganda fails to see the irony. "Who's a Horses Ass" shows up mixed into the music of the Sleeping Beauty bit. Sleeping Beauty story is similar to the "sleeping giant" appellation of the US. Faceless soldier. Shadow shot. Teacher kinda looks like a WB design in profile. And for no given reason, Hans dies at the end. As the Nazis were only in power for 12 years, the cartoon is a fictional story; no children were born under the Nazis and grew to soldier age (at least not by 1943; tho surely some very young Germans were involved in local defense once the Allies were marching through Germany). Hitler is well on his way to being the prevalent character in the cartoons of 1943. The painting of Goebbels is ultra creepy. Laughably, it is chrisitanity under attack in the cartoon, not judaism. Hitler was Catholic, and most of the rest of the Nazis (and the German rank and file) were Catholic or Lutheran. But that probably wouldn't have played very well to American Christians.

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  1. Hitler was at best only nominally Catholic, and depending on how certain documents are interpreted, he could have been excommunicated as a local Catholic document in Germany stated that Nazi leaders could not take communion. Hitler is also believed to have made some anti-Christianity statements.