Saturday, January 1, 2011

1943 Rising

Hello 1943, and how are you doing today?

1943 as a year has a different character than 1939; while you could hear the drums of war approaching in 1939, war itself did not come for America for nearly two more years. In 1943, the US had been at war for more than a year, and the so called sleeping giant had awoken. I expect this will come out in the cartoons; as I look at what is ahead of me, I see much from the Disney On the Front Lines set, and many more cartoons I know to be war based or that clearly are from their titles.

You may note that there are links to Amazon when a cartoon is on an in print (ish) DVD; if someone uses that link and then buys a copy of the DVD from Amazon (not a third party seller) form that page, I will, in theory, eventually benefit with credit to the extent of a small percentage of the sales price at Amazon. This note is not to encourage you to buy through the links as such, but to alert you that their inclusion isn't altruistic.

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