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BoxOffice, January 16, 1943

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BoxOffice January 16, 1943

p19 "Columbia has 100 single reel subjects. 30 double reels and four serials. The singles are: America Sings. Kate Smith, 8: Dave Fleischer Color Rhapsodies, 16: Columbia Phantasies, cartoons, 16: Famous Bands."

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"Vastly Reduced Loss Shows In Disney Income Report

Income report
Walt Disney Producyear ended Oct. 3."

"Walt Disney Produc

"Fantasia" and "Bambi" Russian Release Set Walt Disney has signed a deal with Amborg Trading Russian Corp., official agency, for the distribution in U.S.S.R. of his feature-length cartoons, "Fantasia" and "Bambi." G. Irsky negotiated for Amborg."

p41: Paul Terry, producer of Terrytoons, released by 20th-Fox, was a visitor to

the "Hello, Frisco, Hello"




flanked by Jack Oakie and June Havoc."

"Academy Releases the Shorts Award Rules

Producers and distributors of short subjects have been sent notification of rules governing short subjects competition for the fifteenth annual Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards. There will be three classifications: Cartoons and other animation photography of inanimate objects, whether in color or black and white; shorts of 1,000 feet length or less; shorts between 1,000 and 3,000 feet in length."





Publicity Directors

John LeRoy Johnston, publicity chief for Hunt Stromberg, was named chairman

of the publicity directors of the Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers, at a luncheon meeting presided over by John C. Flinn, executive secretary of the organization. William Hebert. publicity head for Samuel Goldwyn, was elected vice-chairman, and Joe Reddy, of Walt Disney studios, secretary. "

"Disney Report Shows

$202,176 Gain in '42

The annual report of Walt Disney Productions for the fiscal year ended Oct. 3. 1942, shows a profit, after all charges but before provision for losses on inventories, of $308,930.50. as compared with a profit of $210,702.94 in the preceding fiscal year. After providing $500,000 for loss on the company's inventories, the loss for the year amounted to $191,069.50. as compared with a loss of $789,297.06 after providing a $1,000,000 reserve in the preceding fiscal


"The Office and Cartoonists

Guilds Enter

The Screen

Office Employes Guild and the Screen Cartoonists Guild have affiliated themselves with the Los Angeles Central Labor Council as a result of the American Federation of Labor's apparent tabling of a request for establishment of a Hollywood AFL labor council. The SOEG delegates to the Los Angeles council have already been named, with the Cartoonists guild set to elect its representatives at its next general membership meeting."

"New Puppetoon Stage

George Pal, producer of the Puppetoon shorts released by Paramount, has added another sound stage to his studio. Latest Technicolor Puppetoon to get under way is "The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins.""

after p48...
"You'll probably be hearing about a new dance called the "Saludos Samba." Based on the Brazilian dance in Walt Disney's "Saludos Amigos," it has already been officially

effectively used, houetted figure



and shaddr am at ic


adopted by N. Y. Society Teachers



of Dancing. May be a pointer theatre exploitation in this."

"Under the arrangement news follows the introductory frames, then follow a good musical cartoon, a war subject and an informative subject. The "finis" part of the reels is cut, leaving a momentary "blackout" between the subjects. At the end this is flashed on the screen: "The End Watch for Our Next Plaza Variety

. . .


"How TO FIsh
Good. Any Disney subject has a follow and this one no doubt will be well received. An off-stage narrator puts Goofy through the throes of a desire to go fishing and he tries to test the directions he finds in a book. The scenes shift from the book to crazy fishing stunts. He sneaks up on the fish by falling into the lake: gets tangled in his line and an outdoor motor and loses his clothes: does a La Conga with fish. and finally gets mixed up with a tree.

for a spring release when anglers are beginning to test their reels in anticipation of the season's opening."

"Pluto at the Zoo

Bellboy Donald










Donald Duck always hand with an audience before he

gets a starts

Mirthful. Pluto spots a bone in a lion's cage and goes in after it. He digs his way out and finds himself in a kangaroo's cage. From there he escapes to an ape's en-"

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