Tuesday, March 1, 2011

024 Kindly Scram

Studio: Columbia
Date: 03/05/43
Produced by Dave Fleischer
Alec Geiss
Ray Patterson
Paul Worth
Series: Phantasy
Running time (of viewed version): 6:03
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Bull doesn't like sign man on property, except in relation to a cow poster.

Comments: Opening on sign gag. Interestingly designed, too. Then panning over a bunch of signs. Sign gag about no tires. The sign man has some generic American accent (maybe a bit Bert Lahr); I'm surprised it's neither Swedish or Italian. Small top of the head on the bull. Bull trying to convince signman of his bullishness reminds me of a Foghorn Leghorn type setup, possibly inverted. A cow's ass is on a door. This cartoon feels like the direct ancestor of a buch of '80s - '90s cartoons. This looks more like Tiny Toons than any Looney Tune ever did. Quite the voice on the bull too, it violates my assumptions about how bulls should speak in cartoons. The music is also embarrassing, and is where it would be going in a few years. The face of the galloping bull reminds me of Mr. Horse. Pinto Colvig esque yucks. Silhouette shot near the end.

Did I stop screen capping in the middle of this? I odn't think so, but so few caps...

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