Friday, March 11, 2011

028 The Flying Jalopy

Title: The Flying Jalopy
Studio: Disney
Date: 03/12/43
Credits: -
Series: Donald Duck
Running time (of viewed version): 7:20
Commercial DVD Availability: Chronological Donald Duck v2d1

Synopsis: It's the old murderous buzzard insurance con.

Comments: I wonder if there were plane junkyards. Almost certainly not during WWII for the general public. A more feral and cartoony buzzard (Ben) than Buzz from Lantz. Kinda sounds like Gildersleeve. Again, fairly cartoony. Ben can fly, as he's a bird; but then so's Donald. Donald turns black when he blacks out (in a non racial way). Skull pupils. The music is again not what I think of for Disney. Donald ends up enslaving Ben at the end. Opens on a sign gag. The ragged buzzard is in the mold of the villains in the perils of Nell style mellodramas. Disney was big on falling into an extreme eye closeup. I think Disney got more cartoony by far than the other studios from '39 to '43 (tho MGM came quite a ways themselves).

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