Tuesday, March 29, 2011

035 Jungle Drums

Title: Jungle Drums
Studio: Famous
Date: 03/26/43
Dan Gordon
Orestes Calpini
H. C. Ellison
Robert Little
Jay Morton
Musical Arrangement:
Sammy Timberg
Series: Superman
Running time (of viewed version): 1:59:08- 2:07:00 (7:52)
Commercial DVD Availability: Image Superman, official DVD, etc.

Synopsis: Lois crashes in a jungle, is almost tortured by Nazis, gets bailed out by Superman.

Comments: Shadow shot. Nazis in KKK robes. I'm waiting for Indiana Jones to show up... Again, the stength is in the backgrounds. They have to make the faces realistic, so they avoid them whenever possible, thus hoods, silhouettes, etc. I'm unsure if the natives are Africans or not. If it's Hitler at the end, it's possibly the least recognizable Hitler of the year. Terrible terrible voice acting. Lois wore heels into a combat situation. She deserves to die. Hitler apparently listened to American propaganda radio. And stands like the presidential portrait of JFK...

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