Wednesday, March 23, 2011

033 Egg Cracker Suite

Title: Egg Cracker Suite
Studio: Walter Lantz
Date: 03/22/43
Credits: (-)
Series: A Foolish Fable, if the Woody Woodpecker and Friends print is to be believed
Running time (of viewed version): 6:56 (with golfing intro, which is 0:14)
Commercial DVD Availability: WWCE3

Synopsis: Rabbits work decorating Easter eggs.

Comments: Dull and regimented opening walking, tho cleanly animated (they're practically heigh hoing their way off to work). The last Oswald cartoon. Hardly even counts as Oswald; it's the extremely changed Four Color version. An attempt at an Easter cartoon, tho it did not catch on as such as far as I can tell. As it inspires just about no holiday joy in me, I can understand the failure. It's fortunately not so sickly sweet as it first appears, but it still suffers from trying to be sweet. Squeezing flowers for their color is interesting. The checkered face bunny is especially Kozik-like, tho the cartoon generally is; Preston Blair couldn't have been at Lantz around the time, since the Red Hot cartoons were showing up at MGM. The newborn ostrich has bedroom eyes. Something a bit sinister about bombing places with Easter baskets. A disturbingly high percentage of the eggs involved here have live birds inside them. One chicken has a dotted look line. The jazz score is wrong for this (in my aesthetic opinion; this is not a judgement as to being not original to the cartoon).

This marks the 25% complete point in terms of shorts for the year.

(note I covered this in Love Hate Cartoons)

I own the background painting above from this cartoon.

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  1. Here's what the original titles look like (this wasn't a Foolish Fable):