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BoxOffice, March 6, 1943

BoxOffice March 6, 1943

"In short subjects competition "Der Fuehrer's Face" was voted the best cartoon. This was a Walt Disney-RKO Radio briefie."


"Cartoon Studios Unite To Speed War Films

A new association is being formed by cartoon producers so that they can pool their facilities and manpower in order to expedite the production of army and navy training films and also take concerted action toward securing replacements for the rapidly-dwindling number of artists available for cartoon work.

The association will work with Southern California art schools in the placement of talented students in vacancies as they occur in the studios, and will stop labor "pirating" among the companies.

Most cartoon production plants are now using their best talent on government films with newcomers put to work on the commercial pictures. In addition to alleviating the labor shortage, the new association will act as a clearing house for ideas and mutual cooperation among the members.

Leon Schlesinger acted as temporary chairman at the initial meeting which was attended by Walter Lantz, Walt Disney. George Pal and Fred Quimby."


"Weshner Joins Disney
To Handle New Film

New York David E. "Skip" Weshner. former director of advertising and publicity for United Artists, has joined the Walt Disney organization to handle the campaign on "Victory Through Air Power," now in production at the Disney studio. It is believed that the appointment indicates the successful pattern set for Weshner's direction of the campaign for "In Which Serve" will be followed in promoting the new film.


"In the top photo, left Harold Loeb, 20th-Fox; A. Van Dyke. 20th-Fox; Sam Tishman, Paramount: Allen Usher, Paramount district manager: and Harvey Day, Terrytoon Cartoons."

p76 "Walt Disney's •Fantasia" is returning to Boston and will plan the Majestic in completely uncut version. Meanwhile -Gone With the Wind" wound up its Boston appearances February 28 at the Fine Arts."

p (late)
"—Schine's publicity department has instructed all managers to effectively plug a six-minute cartoon entitled "Point Rationing of Poods," distributed by Columbia and released February 25. Managers are told that a tremendous amount of publicity is being given the point rationing of foods, and that they will be performing a public service by adthe reel, as folks to the show."
"supplement the explanations of the system which have been given in the newspapers and on the radio, the Theatre of this city will shortly show "Point Rationing of Foods," a six-minute cartoon film dealIn


Contact was made with the State RusWar Relief committee, and it was found that watches were much in need by the Russian government for use by doctors and nurses. Taking this as a cue, plans for a campaign were formulated at a meeting attended by prominent merchants and executives of the Evergreen circuit. Prank Newman sr., president; Herb Sabottka, Sesian

new point







Bah Wilderness





Opinions on the Current Short Subjects

Suiferin Cats




Mummy Strikes





Fair. Just a filler for the kids. Barney Bear tries to get some peaceful sleep in the woods but the denizens of the woods won't let him. Only the intercession of a torrential rainstorm enables Barney to get


much -needed


Fair. Pretty good juvenile is this cartoon, in which Tom and Jerry, traditional enemies, are joined by a third party. Jerry fosters the feud between the two cats. When the battle is over they are pinioned to a fence and Jerry belabors them with

Paramount (Superman) 8 Mins. Fair. Superman dabbles in Egyptian art and helps to rescue Doctor Jordan, Lois and Clark Kent of the Daily Planet from a giant guard in the museum. There's plenty of action and the tots probably will



the way.

a shillalah."

"Point Rationing of Foods OWI (Cartoon) 9 Mins.

Cartoon technique with a narrative is used to explain point rationing, its reasons and how it operates. Any housewife ought to be able to operate economically after seeing it. One thing it makes clear is how a shopper, by studying the point values of the things she wants, switching to fresh unrationed foods and examining the point charts in grocery stores each time she enters with a purchase list can makes her points last longer and at the same time do the country a service. If no black markets develop, it certainly ought to end hoarding. Members of the Screen Cartoonists' Guild, Local 852, contributed their services and the film was made by Schlesinger. Warners contributed a special score."

"Donald's Tire Trouble


(Disney Cartoon)

7 Mins.

Socko. Anyone w ho has ever changed a tire in the good old days, will have compassion upon Donald in this up-to-the-

minute laugh festival. What happens to Donald shouldn't happen to a dog. After

trying unsuccessfully to fix the flat, Don gives up in disgust and rides off on four flats, three of which developed while he was fixing the first."


  1. "Superman dabbles in Egyptian art and helps to rescue Doctor Jordan, Lois and Clark Kent of the Daily Planet."

    Let's try that again:

    "Superman... helps to rescue... Clark Kent..."

    How closely did the reviewer watch this, and how much did he know about Superman?

  2. And double checking the image at BoxOffice, it's not an OCR error. Everyone has deadlines...