Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fighting Tools

Title: Fighting Tools
Studio: WB/US Goverment
Date: 10/XX/1943
Credits: (dir. Bob Clampett)
Series: Pvt. SNAFU
Running time (of viewed version): 4:16
Commercial DVD Availability: SNAFU Golden Collection

Synopsis: Keep your weapons in good working order or bad things will happen.

Comments: The paper has "Adolph Hitler Committs Suicide" headline; not the first appearance of those words in a WB paper (see tortoise/hare). Active toes. Gun in the butt. Horrible big teeth on SNAFU. Little black ducks (one a Hepburn) and a sissy mouse live in a big gun. Stan Laurel impression from Snafu? Naked and in a camp at the end (not the only cartoon that brings up the holocaust in retrospect). Many wonky looking drawings. Ends with a horse's ass.

John K's commentary points out Rod Scribner is involved. And probably McKimson.

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