Sunday, October 16, 2011

BoxOffice October 16, 1943

Herre's the thing. The issues are (largely) available on BoxOffice's site, but the one's that were on Issuu had text caches on Google. I only have three more textcaches for BoxOffice for the year. It is extremely time intesnive to check BoxOffice without searchable text. I will create posts to possibly fill in later, but the coverage is going to be bad for much of the rest of the year.

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  1. Ted, I think I'm limited for comments but here we go:

    Page 38-A
    Disney Renames Musical
    New York—Walt Disney has registered “The Three Caballeros” as the title of his next feature musical. The picture will run 70 minutes or more and will have 12 musical numbers. The picture will have Donald Duck and Joe Carioca; a new Latin romeo, Panchito, and the Charro rooster, pride of Mexico. Up to the present the picture has been called “Latin for a Day.”

  2. Some Shorts Steal Show, Besa Finds
    Dallas—Short subject reports from Interstate managers over the circuit published in Mesa [sic] Short’s Shorts, house organ for that department, under a classification of “Stealing the Show,” indicate that shorts in some cases entertain the audiences more than the feature....
    “Universal’s ‘Cow Cow Boogie’ is certainly a musical lulu. It started audiences to laughing at the first few scenes and kept them that way throughout.”—James Railey, Ideal, Corsicana.
    “Bugs Bunny brought the house down, as usual. He is a morale builder, first class.”—Jimmy Allard, Vernon, at Vernon....
    “Donald may be slipping for some folks on account that Bugs Bunny scamp and that conniving Wolf, but Donald is keeping himself aloft in this neck of the woods.”—Corky Webb, Melrose, Dallas....
    “Bugs Bunny always steals the show. Jean Arthur in the feature was stiff competition, but Bugsy came through with extra applause.”—James Railey, Ideal, Corsicana.

  3. Shorts Reviews
    Stork’s Holiday
    M-G-M (M-G-M Cartoon) 8 Mins.
    Very Good. Timely is this travesty on “Doc Stork” who enjoys delivering babies until advent of the war. Then he rebels. Shades of his ancestors, however, haunt him by flaunting their valor. “Doc” gets the point; dons protector armor and resumes delivering the newly-born infants.

    War Dogs
    M-G-M (M-G-M Cartoon) 7 Mins.
    Very Good. Exhibitors have played plenty of shorts showing the active training of canines for war; but this is a cartoon travesty, packed with numerous laughs. Private Smiley, a canine pup, has an uncanny way of doing his military chores wrong every time. Tired from his day’s work, he relaxes atop a hay stack which turns out to be a camouflaged 16-inch gun.

    Figaro and Cleo
    RKO (Walt Disney Cartoon) 8 Mins.
    Tops. At long last Disney has acceded to the lusty demands of the exhibitors and public for a return engagement of Cleo and Figaro, the two imps who made their debut in “Pinocchio.” The long-lashed siren-like goldfish and the playful kitten carry on in hilarious fashion the high jinks which they inaugurated in “Pinocchio.” The public should love them even more than they did in the full-length cartoon feature.

    Boogie Woogie Man
    Universal (Swing Symphonies) 7 Mins.
    Good. There’s a plentiful supply of jive and comedy material in this cartoon. Ghosts hold a convention in a ghost town. Some of the delegates want to hypo the ghost business by entertaining all and sundry with swing and jive. Boogie woogie delegates from Harlam way garbed in their “zoot sheets” give out with their own particular brand, while every one joins in the melee and dances until the clock strikes; then all vanish.