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BoxOffice October 9, 1943

BoxOffice October 9, 1943

"York A bit of short subject hisbeing made by a Metro Technicolor cartoon, "Red Hot Riding Hood," As a reward for Manager Joe Bocksay Iselin Theatre in Iselin, N, I„ of the booking all M-G-M shorts on his contract. Booker Connie Carpou gave him early availability on the subject. The evening show drew spontaneous applause and The audience kept shouting whistling. Backsay its demands to see it again. obliged, putting it in place of another


"children off the streets by assuring them that In the theatre they will be properly supervised. While such stunts as amateur shows, fashion shows, pet shows and cartoon shows are old, that does not mean they, win not get business. Contests, too, are always good, for there are few kids that"

"Room and Bored

Columbia (Fox and Crow) 7V2 Mins. Good. In this robust cartoon, produced by Dave Fleischer, the fox and crow carry on their feud. The crow, a wise-cracking jitterbug, rents an apartment from the lox. His constant practicing on various musical instruments, however, very nearly reduces Mr. Fox to a state of nervous prostration. This footage contains many amusing situations and enough comedy material to furnish plenty ol guffaws."

p20? p26? "Disney include a demonstration film titled "Fog.""

"Disney Group in Mexico On Educational Films

New York —Walt





group of artists and writers to Mexico to start a series of films on literacy, health, sanitation and child welfare. Disney will leave later. The idea is to teach the beholders to want to learn to read, and the
the work is being done in cooperation with coordinator of inter-American affairs."

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