Friday, October 14, 2011

102 Figaro and Cleo

Title: Figaro and Cleo (arguably "Figaro Cleo" based on the title card)
Studio: Disney
Date: 10/15/43
Credits: -
Series: Figaro
Running time (of viewed version): 8:23
Commercial DVD Availability: Plutov2d2

Synopsis: Cat from Pinocchio wants to eat fish from Pinnochio, agrees to not do so until the war is over.

Comments: I like the (marimba?). Not a fan of the vocals tho. Stripe sock mammy, sans head per usual. The mammy (her name seems to be Aunt Delilah) song isn't very good. Nice mess painting. Wait, so Gepetto has a black American maid in Italy? Shadow shot. Sleepy eyed Figaro. Fat through the chair. Ethnic speech patterns seem odd for a Disney cartoon from 1943 (and seems done less naturally than in Tom and Jerry, but it may be because she has a fair number of lines).

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