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BoxOffice, October 30, 1943

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Oct. 30, 1943

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RKO Sets Deal to Reissue Disney’s “Snow White”

New York—RKO will reissue Walt Disney’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” possibly during the Christmas holidays under the terms of a new five-year deal closed with Disney by Ned E. Depinet.

Distribution will be on a world-wide basis, with release in conquered territories as conditions permit. A new line of posters and advertising accessories is to be provided.

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Animated Elects

The Animated Film Producers’ Ass’n has elected Leon Schlesinger as its permanent chairman, with George Pal to function as treasurer and Anthony O’Rourke as executive secretary.

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Studio Personellities


RKO Radio

WALT DISNEY has put How to Play Football, cartoon feature 22 Goofies, into production with Frank Bull, ace sports announcer, doing the narration. Studio hopes to complete the short in time for a first of the year release to coincide with New Year’s Day games.


Cartune Maker WALTER LANTZ has started production on “Barber of Seville,” a Woody Woodpecker Cartune based upon Rossini’s famed opera.

Pg 106

Signs Aurora Miranda

Walt Disney has signed Aurora Miranda for a featured spot in the “Bahia” sequence of “The Three Caballeros,” feature-length musical comedy currently in production, which will combine live-action and cartooning.

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