Monday, October 17, 2011

103 Aladdin's Lamp

Title: Aladdin's Lamp
Studio: Terry
Date: 10/22/43
Series: Gandy Goose
Running time (of viewed version): 6:15
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Wartime dreams of furlough in China.

Comments: Colorful flashes with the lightning. The story of Aladdin's lamp is for some reason in "Tales of China". Very rainy for an Aladdin cartoon. Colorful clouds. Aladdin is a white Chinese duck. Dancing girls in lanterns. Gandy and Sourpuss pursue them, which is abnormally like miscegenation for the time (species issues aside). Zoot suit uniforms. Firecrackers (coincidental as I write this on July 4). Then they drink a red fluid from martini glasses. I have no idea why this should be called Aladdin's Lamp. Maybe that was the name of a famous Chinese brothel or something. Awesome iris wipe.


  1. It's set in China because the original story in "1001 Arabian Nights" specifically says that it takes place in China.

  2. According to the copyright catalogue:

    ALADDIN'S LAMP. Distributed by Twentieth
    Century-Fox Film Corp., c1943. Presented
    by Paul Terry. 1 reel, sd., color.
    (A Terrytoon)
    Credits: Director, Eddie Donnelly; story,
    John Foster; music, Philip A. Scheib.
    Terrytoons, Inc.; 22Oct43; MP14828.
    Terrytoons, Inc.; 22Oct43; MP14786.