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BoxOffice, October 23, 1943

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Yowp/Fibber Fox pointed out the following Red Hot Riding Hood ad with a Tex Avery mention on page 8:

Yowp was also nice enough to provide the following text:

Pg 33

Studios Going All-Out On the Popular Shorts

Hollywood—It may have been coincidence, but the trend-seekers could easily pounce on the situation as being indicative that studios are concentrating increasing attention on short subjects—perhaps with a hopeful eye cast toward the return of single-feature programs. In any event, from two film foundries on one and the same day came reports of all-out activities on the shorts front.

With 20 subjects in various stages of production, Metro entered the most intensive schedule in the history of its cartoon studio. Included in the group, under the producer guidance of Fred Quimby, were 16 one-reelers comprising the entire output for 1943-44. The additional four films represent the remaining releases on the current program.

The Tom and Jerry characters, directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, will be starred in “Baby Puss,” “Zoot Cat,” “Million Dollar Cat,” “Bodyguard,” “Puttin’ on the Dog,” “Kitty Foiled,” “Mouse Comes to Dinner” and “Tee for Two.”

In a special slapstick series, directed by Tex Avery, are “Screwball Baseball,” “Nuts in May,” “Little Heel-watha,” “The Shooting of Dan McGoo,” “Screwy Truant,” “House of Tomorrow” and “Screwball Squirrel,” introducing the new pen-and-ink star, Squirrely Squirrel.

The balance of the product, now in animation or in the process of photographing, are “Strange Innertube,” “Worst Aid,” “Bear Raid Warden,” “Bedtime for Barney” and “Some Skunk.”

Pg 35

Technicolor Short Every Third Week From Disney

New York—As a result of a realignment of the studio’s production activities, Walt Disney will hereafter produce and release his Technicolor one-reel shorts on a basis of one every three weeks, it was announced by Harry Michalson, RKO Radio short subjects sales manager.

The new plan, which becomes effective on November 5 with the release of the Donald Duck subject, “The Old Army Game,” will enable RKO, said Michalson, to go back to a regular and orderly release schedule, and afford exhibitors ample advance time for the setting up of playdates.

In announcing the new schedule, Michalson said that he had been advised by Disney that “Commando Duck,” “Donald Duck and the Gorilla,” “Pelican and the Snipe,” and “Chicken Little” carried an extra production budget of 25 per cent and would be specials in quality. Latter two shorts, both Silly Symphonies, will introduce new characters and types of stories which Disney plans to continue in future productions.

Pg 49

Disney Schedule Complete For Remainder of Year

Six new stories have been placed in work at the Walt Disney studios, raising to 18 the number of briefies currently in animation or in story development, all of which are for RKO release. Rounding out the shorts production list for the balance of the year, the six films include three Goofys, “How to Feud,” “Tiger Hunt” and “Big Game Hunt”; two Plutos, “The Dog Watch” and “Ant Eater,” and one Donald Duck, “The Plastic Inventor.”

Pg 50

Studio Personalities


WALTER LANTZ has announced a plans to make program of [unreadable]ns for the navy first of which will be a three reel subject, Practical Surgery.

Ben Hardaway has been assigned to write the script which will instruct doctors in accordance with navy requirements.

Pg 98

Exhibitors Report Shorts Great Help

Dallas— Here are additional comments from theatre managers on short subjects that have
“stolen the show” from the feature. Each week in the Interstate circuit house organ designed to promote interest in short subjects, but which also mentions features now and then are published comments from contributing managers. It all comes in the department supervised by Mrs. Besa Short, nationally known for her interest and success in the building up of the regular run of short subjects.

Here are the comments:

Fifth Column Mouse” was a great help to our program and it held the pace of laughter .set by the feature.—Bill Chambers, Texas Grand. El Paso.

Red Hot Riding Hood” got more comment than any other cartoon we have ever played.—E. G. Gordon, Rialto, Amarillo.

You can always depend on “Woody Woodpecker” to wow ‘em. Please send us more.—Shelton Young, State, Mercedes.

Applause greeted Woody Woodpecker in “Dizzy Acrobats” . . . this rascal’s name means something at our boxoffice.—Ray Hazlett, Sunshine, Albuquerque.

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