Monday, October 3, 2011

098 Down WIth Cats

Title: Down With Cats
Studio: Terry
Date: 10/07/43
Credits: -
Series: Mighty Mouse / Super Mouse
Running time (of viewed version): 6:14
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: In winter, cats try to eat mice, and Mighty Mouse ends up working against human interests.

Comments: Sounds like Mighty Mouse is dubbed over Supermouse a couple of times. Still red and blue coloring. MM doing the dangerous bullet catch magic trick. Twangy accent on the narrator (kinda like Burl Ives). Nicely done figure 8 leaping. Mouse real doll. These cats seema bit more Sourpuss esque than usual in MMs. There must have bee a trick in completely vilifying a species in one set of cartoons (these) and having a cat as your crusty but ultimately sympathetic main character in another (Gandy and Sourpuss). Super Mouse, rescuing the vermin infesting human dwellings from the cats humans employ to control them. Hmmm. Maybe Terrytoons were not super successful because they come out on the wrong side of the viewers (who are naturally inclined to oppose the mice). Not sure if the sidewipe is original or not. Mighty looks kinda goofy. His face design apparently wasn't exactly set yet. Some joyful looking cats. The music rolls along; it has to, as there's no dialogue beyond the narration. Very little Super Mouse in the cartoon.

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