Friday, October 7, 2011

100 Jasper Goes Fishing

Title: Jasper Goes Fishing
Studio: George Pal
Date: 10/08/43
Credits: generic
Series: Madcap Models/Puppetoons
Running time (of viewed version): 8:09
Commercial DVD Availability: -

Synopsis: Jasper goes fishing, instead of (practicing a song for?) church.

Comments: Opening title has people singing the way my grandmother sang in church under it. White people falsetto. Hey, starting with text. Then the regular push in on a building shot par for the course for a Jasper entry (to the crow on a bell tower). An adult black person with a face; I think that's new for Jasper cartoons. Is it really a temptation to go and watch someone fish? Fish also in church. Effect lenses (I assume; it could be slightly different for puppet cartoons. Those fish are very large; river monsters. Scary blind fish. Pirate ships. "Praise lord. we (scratch) the ammunition"; should be pass, but I think it's a pun. Ends with a white face gag (Jasper turns white and passes out). Lots of close ups of the scarecrow an the crow. Like always. The fish kinda look like Kure Kure Takora.

The 100th cartoon of the year by the numbering. Of course, some are missing, and there are a number of additional unnumbered cartoons, and the numbering could change so in the future. But look, a 1 followed by two zeros!

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