Friday, July 15, 2011

Victory Through Airpower (part 3 of 3)

See part 1 for credits etc.

Arsenal of democracy. When we are reaching our peak of production, we're really reaching our limits. It's bad for the war to let them sink our tanks off of boats... Water FX. Reused torpedo hit? Pretty slag swastika factory. That's a big globe. Big posters too (tho I think they are rear projection). But I hate Powerpoint presentations. "If only China was industrialized, they could really militarily crush the area". Hmmm, this could be bad in the present day... Uzumaki. Dirigibles; it's the red universe. This is a fairly boring movie. Gulliver's Travels might be more boring. Is that a pacific northwest totem pole? Was Seattle Jet City in 1943 already (without jets yet)? (On reflection, they would imply Alaska, based ont he early parts of the movie.) The German bombing was more abstract. The Japanese bombing is more personal. Awesome octopus. Feels Fantasia-like, in some way. Having the American eagle land on a world globe and holding it in its claws is a little disturbing. The sun cloud at the end with the ittle is reminiscent of the end of MGM's Peace on Earth form 1939.

There's much production art on the DVD.

For some reason, the first 7 minutes appear to be on

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