Friday, July 29, 2011

079 Victory Vehicles

Title: Victory Vehicles
Studio: Disney
Date: 07/30/43
Running time (of viewed version): 8:05
Commercial DVD Availability: OTFL, Goofy

Synopsis: Pogo sticks replace cars for wartime conservation purposes.

Comments: Hop on your pogo stick. As with Ration Bored's title card (4 days earlier), the car in the title card has a bunch of stickers. The print on OTFL still cuts off A in the travel exhibit, even on a computer screen. Seems odd. For some reason, an inventor from Breakneck, Long Island is in front of a house with a Spanish tile roof. Basically a blackout gag cartoon. A shop that says "Securities" on it? Some kind of boiler room, I expect. Terrible voices. Exercycle apparently had not been a thig yet. Odd that the people are all Goofy. Not Goofy types; they all seem to be exactly Goofy in different outfits, which is not the case in at least some of the other Goofy cartoons. (This changes once the inventor section is over.) The individuals speaking is possibly pointless; they may only detract. Like a Columbia cartoon. It just kinda ends. The Times Squareish place is cool at the end.

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  1. The fully typeset, original "newspaper article" about Professor Donald Da Gradi (aka Don DaGradi, Disney staffer) is absolutely uproarious. And seemingly nothing more than an inside joke—I can't imagine anyone had time to read more than a word or two on theatre screens.

    "A large group of reporters... sat dumbfounded as the professor, entirely unaided by mechanical means, made his way across the room by a queer sort of shuffling, swaying motion called walking, alternating first one foot and then the other..."