Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Title: Gripes
Studio: WB/ US Government
Date: 07/XX/43
Credits: (Directed by Friz Freleng)
Series: Pvt. Snafu
Running time (of viewed version): 4:11 (PSGC)
Commercial DVD Availability: Snafu Golden Collection, LTGC5d3

Synopsis: Not everyone is fit to command. And it's better to get a needle in the ass than a bomb.

Comments: Quite the active toes on SNAFU. Writing sounds Seussian, naturally enough. Pretty girl tattoo butt jab. Technical Fairly First Class sounds technically altered. That's a lot of striped on SNAFU. Silhouettes. Bobby socksers. Nipple drawn fan girl. Apparently, if you give soldiers 2 days off, the Germans will win. The stated moral is "the harder you work the sooner we're gonna beat Hitler that jerk", which seems like an unusual thing to say. There are shots where Snafu has four fingers and the doc has five. Technical Fairy is Popeye-esque. "I'll murder them poops." This cartoon didn't cheat as much as I was expecting. Coming SNAFU may have made me expect some corner cutting, when that cutting was due to the need for quic turnaround on the initial entry. I don't think there are any commentaries on the Thuunderbean SNAFU until October. You'd think they would have made Eric Goldberg do a commentary on the Goldbrick in September. (later note: I'm not sure what I meant by the last sentence)

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