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BoxOffice, July 10, 1943

BoxOffice July 10, 1943

"VICTORY THROUGH AIR POWER (UA)— In temporarily deserting fantasy, the medium in which he won his spurs as a master

cartoon maker,



more weighty field Walt Disney retains

more weighty field Walt Disney retains

and courageous vision that have characterized his long and kudo-strewn career. His subject, a faithful filmization of Major
Alexander De Seversky's widely-discussed book of the same title, establishes a new

high in provocativeness and therein, pos-
commercial Thinking people will desire to see it. whether or not they agree with the major's extreme and sometimes alarming theories of how our war should be conducted in order to be won. Regardless of viewpoint, however, all will admire Dissibly, lies the feature's greatest




hew-to-the-line approach to his
theme. The amount of patronage that can be expected from the masses seeking escapist entertainment will depend upon how expertly the picture is merchandised.

H. C.


Newman, Albany; Jack





sequences, which are largely narrated by Major De Seversky.

"GEORGE PAL and Scenarist JACK MILLER are currently preparing "Jasper and the Dentist" and "Package for Jasper," a Puppetoon pair, for production during the next month."

"RKO again contracts For Disney Product

Walt Disney has signed a deal with RKO under which that company will continue to distribute Disney's shorts and feature product for another season. The contract, signing of which was announced by RKO President N. Peter Rathvon, covers distribution of Disney's seventh group of briefies and carries an option on the

eighth. It also includes the feature, "Let's Latin," formerly titled "Surprise Package," which Disney says will introduce a revolutionary technical process invented by his personnel. The 18 shorts and the feature will be filmed in Technicolor. Completion of the pact signalizes the beginning of the seventh year that has distributed Disney's films."

Was there an additional joke we're missing, or did they just remove the tribune's appearance in Chicago?
"Tribune Remark Out
Chicago - The Tribune has proved that it can "dish it out" but some people aren't so sure it can "take it." In the Warner Bros. color short, Leon Schlesinger's "The Tortoise Wins By a Hare," there is a re-mark made about the Tribune. The paper threatened to file suit against Warner Bros. if the objectionable short was not removed from distribution. The matter was finally ironed out when Warner's agreed to remove the film containing the remark."
See thread at:

"Drive-In Fireworks

Expert Proves Vanishing Popcorn



a Winner

Roth, manager, gave the patrons of the Drive-In Theatre, east of the city, an Independence Day celebration Sunday night in addition to a "Victory" show on the screen, and had the largest attendance since the outdoor theatre was opened. The special bill for the day comprised "Wings Up" and "Seven Days' Leave," plus the usual first-run news, and a color cartoon. After this program. Roth "went on the air" through the frequently used public address system and spoke of Inde-"

"By popular request, Walt Disney's "Saludos Amigos" has returned to the Broadway."

"a Walt Disney surprise review, consisting of several Disney cartoons, with "Coney Island" instead of a customary

picture. night, the Poll audience will be the judge in a Shapeliest Leg contest which will be held on the stage. The curtain will be raised just enough for the contestants' legs to be visible to the audience. A"

"Samartano of the Palace stages a "Mickey Mouse School's Out Party" which always has resulted in smash attendance. However, it is a stunt that can be used at any time during the summer. This year, Samartano arranged a big campaign. Ten Walt Disney popular cartoons were shown. A musical revue was promoted from a dancing school to r\m"

"a special trailer with appropriate scores used two weeks in advance. A lobby announcement heralded ten cartoons, a musical revue, free comic books, etc., with cutout figures of Disney cartoons. Cards, 11x14, were distributed to aU book shops and places where comic books were sold, and teaser ads were run in both daily newspapers a week in advance. On the day before and on opening day large display ads and special news stories were planted in both newspapers."

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  1. Sorry to correct a typo here, but "Let's Latin" should be "Let's Go Latin" (though it's hardly a better title—of course, MAKE MINE MUSIC takes the cake in that department, and it was actually released with that name!)