Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Victory Through Airpower (part 2 of 3)

(See previous for credits and such)

Moving on to Seversky. Explaining the reason Mitchell is at the beginning, because they're friends. It bothers me when they leave out the great lakes and the St Lawrence from depictions of N. America. "The entire surface of the earth will be a battlefield"; yay...? I hope Seversky say "viaduct" at some point... Awesome bunker. Just as airpower is different form land or sea warfare, so too is a movie based on moving paintings different from a regular animated movie. And so it was shelved for 60 years... They talk about England and France, but they seem to only talk about Hitler and not Germany. I wonder if this cultural tendency helped lead to the continued sense of evil of Hitler (although I suspect it was designed to keep German Americans on board, by promoting a single demon instead of demonizing the nation). If you demonize a nation, the nation can demonstrate it's not so bad. If you demonize an individual, there will be no counterstory. I wonder if this played in Japan, because this level of limited animation reminds e strongly of anime, with the clever use of background elements and such. Strong similarity to Mars Attacks and similar trading card art. You could just about present the movie as a series of cards (and a record).

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