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BoxOffice, July 3, 1943

BoxOffice July 3, 1943

p12 mention of Victory through Air Power

""Saludos Amigos" Popular


Senhor Souto said that his department the background shots for "Now, Voyager" and was ready to perform similar services for other American companies. Walt Disney's "Saludos Amigos" was extremely popular, he said. He also said that Gregor Zeimer's book. "Education for Death." had a big sale in Brazil and "Hitler's Children." from which it was made, also was popular. "Our people will be tired of war pictures at the end of the war," he said in reply to a question on this point. "They are accepted as necessary, but not popular as entertainment.""

"Armour Quits Disney New York — Reginald Armour has announced

his resignation as European managing director for Walt Disney Prooductions. He said he would announce his future plans after his vacation. He recently arrived here from London."

"Gala Debut Planned For Disney Picture

The gala picture debut, which has been feebly plucking at the coverlets for many months, will show signs of resuscitation when, following a spectacular exploitation campaign, the world premiere of Walt Disney's color feature. "Victory Through Air Power," will be staged at the Globe Theatre, New York, July 17. Plans for openings in other key centers also are being made by United Artists. Maj. Alexander P. de Seversky. author of the book on which the picture is based, appears in the film. About 18 per cent of the production is "live action," the balance in animation. No Disney characters appear. Layouts and articles on "Victory Through Air Power" already have been planted in publications with nearly 40.000.000 total circulation. Major Seversky has left for New York after spending most of the past ten months in California working with Disney. He will be a keynote factor in the exploitation, being scheduled to appear on several important national hookups prior to the opening in New York.

Vern Caldwell, head of public relations for Disney, has gone to Gotham to cooperate with Skip Weshner, handling the campaign in conjunction with the United Artists staff. Roy O. Disney, accompanied by Mrs. Disney and their son. Roy. also has"

"Wood Challenges WB's "Melodies" Statement

Cleveland P. J. Wood. ITO secretary, in a recent bulletin, challenges a Warner Bros,' statement that 13 "Merrie Melodies" cartoons are being reissued to save raw stock. "In our humble opinion." Wood says in the bulletin sent to all ITO members, "the re-releasing of these subjects will save no raw stock, and at the prices quoted, Warner's will recover the entire cost of production a second time,"'

"Detroit Grosses Hit Hard by Race Riots

—Business was away off for most of the week in all Detroit houses, with the downtown theatres suffering up to 60 to 70 per cent because of the race riots. However, the total grosses for the week were not too badly hit, in terms of normal business, because of a good weekend up to Sunday night, and because the first runs have been doing land-office business for months and could take a big drop without too great harm. Hot weather, running in the 90's all week, was a contributing factor in hurting business."

pJack Frost and Al Capp, local artists, are going to Hollywood to spend several weeks. Capp is the creator of "Li'l Abner," while Frost drew the series. "Fancy That," and other well-known cartoons Jack Saef is taking a brief vacation from his duties as publicity man at the Paramount Nor. . .


Walt Disney made a feature cartoon that far the best of this type made date. color, characters and sound were splendid. broke a house evening


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